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Diane Raps. "dianealsoraps" and gives advice to musicians looking to make the Mpls Music scene

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Ry interviews Diane Miller! (scroll down for the video)

Ry caught up with Diane Miller from The Local Show on 89.3 The Current to talk about Diane' career as a musician, journalist, talent booker, and radio show host.

Diane Miller talks

0:50 - Can someone be taken to the hospital for being too shy?!

4:00 - How many instruments can you play?

5:15 - How many unique projects have you played with?

8:20 - Did your parents expose you much music growing up?

9:20 - What's the recipe for Banana Soup?

9:45 - What launched Diane into the public eye?

11:30 - The road to Minneapolis

14:52 - Landing the Local Show at 89.3 The Current

20:45 - "Earth to Diane" Released in the Peak of Omicron

22:00 - Getting Ready to "Kiss The Tiger" and become a lead guitar player!

25:10 - Tedx Talk - How music can make you a better person.

28:18 - Ry digging into old wounds.

31:27 - Ry digging even deeper into old wounds.

32:00 - Lessons from the Pain

33:21 - Diane's advice for musicians looking to get into the Twin Cities Music Scene.

Thanks for watching! And if you want to learn more about the Twin Cities Music Scene check out

the Find Your Stage - Singer Songwriter Conference @


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