Analysis of a Songwriter: Ry Edwards - Part II

A Ry Edward’s Exclusive Interview (Part 2):

5. Your greatest frustration in being a songwriter and/or performing musician

Getting inspired at the wrong time. Like you want to write a song while you’re in a meeting. You try to keep the melody in your head, and you have to fight to urge to hum it. Then you spend the whole meeting writing song lyrics instead of taking notes. Whoops. Or you don’t have a pen! That’s awful. You’ve got a great lyric and no place to record it! Or just recording. Recording is HARD!!! And EXPENSIVE!!! You want people to come out and be part of an experience. That’s the fun part of being a musician.

6. A song that changed someone's life that they told you about?

I, personally, like to think every song changes the listener’s life, but I’d have to say it’s the song “Dad”. I’ve had people tell me about father’s whom they don’t connect with, but the song showed them how their dads showed their love through sacrifice. I wrote the song with a prominent memory in mind. One night we were having dinner together and there was some issue and tempers were heating up. In a moment of passion my father said, “Do you want to know why I go to work everyday?” We just sat still. The silence settled in and he finished, “The reason is sitting around this table.” It’s the most poetic thing my dad has ever said. And I was able to work the line into the song.

7. Favorite other music Projects/Collaborations/Collaborators you've worked with