"Finding Grace" Album Synopsis Interview

You've got a new album coming out in June of 2020 called, "Finding Grace." Is this a collection of the newest songs you've written? No. This is a concept album. They are all personal songs about personal experiences, but I put them on the album to take the listener on a journey. What kind of journey? Imagine you wake up on a good day. Soon, you're going along on not just a good day, but feeling on top of the world. You caught the sunrise and everything is beautiful! You start praying and praising God for how great the day feels and how good God is. Then, suddenly, the bottom drops out. You get that call with news that turns your world up-side-down and you're falling. The sunshine

Ready to Play "Ready to Wash"

On Labor Day, 8 years ago, my wife went into labor. She's always had a great sense of timing. Makes sense as she's an actor, singer, and lover of all performing arts. I had just started my first band, "The Killer Hats", and we had to do a little hiatus so I could figure out how to be a dad. While, I tried to stay active with the Hats, being a dad made it challenging. Especially when the next child came. And the one after that. But now that my eldest child is 8 and his siblings are 5 and 3, I'm ready to get back into playing music. In fact, I'm already doing it. Last fall, a fan asked to me to play at the church we both attended. My set lists usually contain songs with all kinds of topi

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