Who's Ry Edwards? - Part 1

A Ry Edward’s Exclusive Interview (Part 1):

1. Instruments you play and when you started playing

I’ve sung since ever since I heard my mom harmonizing to the Beatles when I was a kid. I got a guitar from my Uncle as a Confirmation of Baptism present when I was 14. I always thought guitar was the coolest thing on the planet—FAR TOO COOL for me to play. My uncle was cool (still is) but I was not. Still, I played every day the first 6 years and eventually learned how to play the thing.

2. When you started writing songs - approximately how many you've written --and how many of those are "good songs" for public performances in your opinion.

I wrote poetry in 9th grade based on mostly Metallica, but when I started playing guitar a year later my tone softened and I moved into love songs and really just playing with imagery—rainbows, gargoyles, splashing puddles, lightning storms, cherry blossoms blowing through the air. I kept trying to capture feelings by personifying them as vivid images. That’s what led to my first album title: Mirage.

Since 1999 I’ve written close to 700 songs. I play around 130 in public. Many of the others are only a couple of verses or have some profanity that I prefer not to play for others—I like to keep things emotive, without being volatile or offensive. Words have so much POWER in them. But I find profanity shuts people out more than it emphasizes a point. There are better—stronger—images than cuss words. (In most cases, anyway )

3. Your favorite Song you've written (or top 5) and a little bit about it and why.