Analysis of a Songwriter: Ry Edwards - Part II

A Ry Edward’s Exclusive Interview (Part 2): 5. Your greatest frustration in being a songwriter and/or performing musician Getting inspired at the wrong time. Like you want to write a song while you’re in a meeting. You try to keep the melody in your head, and you have to fight to urge to hum it. Then you spend the whole meeting writing song lyrics instead of taking notes. Whoops. Or you don’t have a pen! That’s awful. You’ve got a great lyric and no place to record it! Or recording. Recording is HARD!!! And EXPENSIVE!!! You want people to come out and be part of an experience. That’s the fun part of being a musician. 6. A song that changed someone's life that they told you about? I, person

Who's Ry Edwards? - Part 1

A Ry Edward’s Exclusive Interview (Part 1): 1. Instruments you play and when you started playing I’ve sung since ever since I heard my mom harmonizing to the Beatles when I was a kid. I got a guitar from my Uncle as a Confirmation of Baptism present when I was 14. I always thought guitar was the coolest thing on the planet—FAR TOO COOL for me to play. My uncle was cool (still is) but I was not. Still, I played every day the first 6 years and eventually learned how to play the thing. 2. When you started writing songs - approximately how many you've written --and how many of those are "good songs" for public performances in your opinion. I wrote poetry in 9th grade based on mostly Metallica,

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