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Ry Edwards Music Creates New Singer Songwriter  Conference

Find Your Stage - 9/17 - 9/18 @Varsity Theater

This LIVE event at one of the most Avant Garde venues in the Twin Cities, gathers local musicians, record producers, and media contacts together to help you figure out what stage you are at in your music career and how to launch you to the next bigger stage. 

Here you'll learn to:

· Make your music irresistible to Radio Stations and listeners streaming worldwide!


·  Engage and grow your fanbase without relying on time-consuming social media posts!


·  Create a comprehensive media strategy to keep fans talking about your album years beyond your initial release!


·  Use your music to make money even when people are listening for free! 

Learn More at www.Find 

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Krista Wax headshot.png

Interviewed by Krista Wax of MSP Sound

KFAI Radio

Ry connected with Krista Wax for a video interview to discuss the upcoming Find Your Stage - Singer Songwriter Conference.

Krista will join a panel of Radio Show Hosts to help artists understand how DJs find new artists and connect with existing artists.

Enjoy the whole interview on YouTube!

Polyrhythmic Arts Positive Psych Song Writing contest winners.png

Ry Edwards Opens for Beneath Green - Aug 6th

Photo Credit: Vaughn Foster

Ry Edwards plays along with two other winners (Annie Schenck and Micah Chibana) of the Polyrhythmic Arts' "Positive Psych" Songwriting Contest.

The 3 solo artists took turns warming up the crowd for the funky horn band, "Beneath Green"

Ry played "Time to Choose," "Dominoes," and the award-winning song "Break Away!" However, his 3rd song in the set "Angel in the Orange Coat," was the crowd favorite.

Ry Featured on WFNU

Frogtown Radio - The Nine45 Show

Ry talked with Mike Rez and Bridge Sky on the

Nine 45 Show about 60s pop, 90s grunge, using song writing to amplify emotion, and discussed

his upcoming Singer Songwriter conference

"Find Your Stage"

Also debuted the track "Count the Stars"


Hear the full podcast at your favorite link:





PodMN App:

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Ry Edwards on Frogtown Radio
Polyhythmic arts logo w Positive Psych Contest.png

Ry Edwards Named Winner!!!

of the

Polyrhythmic Arts Positive Psych Contest 2022

Ry submitted a video performance of his song "Break Away" to the Polyrhythmic Arts Positive Psych Contest in July 2022.

The performance wins him studio time to record the winning track, inclusion on a forth-coming "Positive Psych" album, and a performance slot opening for funky horn band "Beneath Green" at the Treasury August 6th, 2022

Ry Edwards featured on WMCN

Macalester College Radio

Ry went to the WMCN to talk about Smashing Pumpkins, and throw some shade at Jack Johnson*. He also discussed his forthcoming album, "Sojourn Through the Night" and his upcoming conference for singer songwriter called

"Find Your Stage."

Acoustic Performances featured: 

"Sunrise" - 1st track off Sojourn Through the Night

"Dominoes" - about setting up your life trying not to fall down.

"Break Away" - Award-winning song for the Polyrhythmic Arts

*(Sorry, Jack!  I loved "Flake" and the Curious George Soundtrack was great!)

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