"Sojourn Through the Night" is a letter of encouragement from a friend who feels your pain.

We're all on a journey.  

Producer, Matt Patrick, turned Ry Edwards thoughtful lyrics and unique songs into a powerhouse concept album.

All songs were brought to Matt at The Library recording studio in Minneapolis via Ry's voice and an acoustic guitar.

Then between 9am and 4pm, by using his ingenious aptitude with guitars, bass, keyboards, and percussion, Matt took a song and created a sonic masterpiece!

Check out the behind-the-scene video for song "Dominoes"

Sojourn through the Night is on a loop during my early morning summer walks. When I go to bed feeling skeptical, like I’ve lived someone else’s simulation, in a world I don’t quite recognize...

this feels real. Familiar. Convincing.

What other than music can do that? Ground you in truth while also lifting you out of the muck? That is this album. There is enough of a lament here to sate a wannabe goth girl like myself. Yet these deep dives into the shadows of the soul make me further appreciate the promise of the upbeat tunes. 


- Elle Powers, Author of "Angel of Eventide"