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A New Chapter

Ry Edwards Picks up after a decade with a new vision, album, and conference!

After playing a decade of coffee shops, open mics, benefits, Sample Night Live, and even the COPS memorial service at the state capitol in the first 10 years of the millennium, Ry took a 10 year hiatus to raise 3 kids and build up a community in North Minneapolis.


Living a lonely misguided early music career, Ry is just coming out of the musical closet—recognizing that music is not just about his art, but the community. Thankfully, he met Record Producer, Matt Patrick, who mentored him while together they created the new album called “Sojourn Through the Night” at the Library Recording studio. Matt's advice got Ry excited about networking with other musicians, and media people around the twin cities. So much so that Ry produced a conference to help singer songwriter's find the next stage of their careers. That's how inspired Ry felt about the quality the album Matt produced. That's the power of this music.


The album mirrors the journey of "A Pilgrim’s Progress" as the main character decides in the opening track that the new “Sunrise” they witness will be a new beginning. They live on a high of an empowering decision all the way through track 2. (Yeah, that's not very long...) Then life starts knocking down their “Dominoes” and it takes a couple tracks to give our hero some time to grieve as they “Count the Stars.” Once they decide they’re “Ready to Wash” they get going on a journey of finding “Grace” for their mistakes. The ability to forgive opens our hero's eyes to a new beautiful perspective on life and allows them to see beauty in even a "Sparrow." New perspective brings new opportunity and the hero comes alive with a desire to contribute to their community with "My Offering Today" and finally they get back to finding their unique “Paths in the Garden” just in time to see the next Sunrise.


Life is seasonal and cyclical and this album can be played infinitely picking with the first track again—as we are always working through our most recent trials just as we are gathering strength for our next ones.


“Sojourn Through the Night” will be released in its entirety this December, but has a few singles on Streaming sites and even some videos on YouTube for “Ready to Wash,” “Dominoes,” and even an animated video video for “Sparrow” that grows more creative the longer you watch.

Listen to this hero's "Sojourn Through the Night" and you can be a hero, too.

Ry Edwards in Rain.jpg

Painting by Helen Gottberg

How Ry  can Help:

Ry Edwards

Helps guitar-playing singer/songwriters to find their unique voice and engaged audiences by integrating their passion into music and connecting them with resources that fuel their careers.

 Ry can teach you how to:

  • Write engaging lyrics

  • Find singable melodies

  • Identify the strength of your songs

  • Reinvent your sound
    --without alternative tunings

  • Have more fun with the guitar

  • Find a devoted fan base 

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Photo by Rodel Querubin

Contact Ry Edwards
  • Request a Performance
  • Request a Course
  • Request a Song
  • Talk Music!!!

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            Services Offered


         Guitar and Vocal Performance


  •  Up to 3 hours of original Music and

          ($200/hour for each additional hour)

Turn your poem into a song! - $500

  •  Have a favorite poem you've written for    

           someone special?  Ry can help bring out

           the theme to  develop a chorus and adapt

           it into a musical structure.

Create a Theme Song - $750

  •  Create something personal and unique to

          share with someone special, express your

          feelings, or enhance a special event.

  • Have a song written around the theme of

         your event, book, blog, movie, professional





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Courses Offered

Song Writing 101 -

     Getting Past the Blank Page

Need some inspiration?  This course will get you amped up to find your personal identity as a songwriter and give you the tools you need to get writing.


Song Writing 201 -

     Establishing Mood

The interplay between the music and the lyrics is supremely important in establishing mood.  If you want to connect with your audience, you've got to prepare them for the song they're going to hear.  In this course you'll learn how different music affects your body and mind.

Song Writing 301 -

     Sonics, Rhyming, and word choice

How do you know whether you are listening to the song of an experienced songwriter versus a novice?  When you learn these tips, you'll give your songs the sound of a professional writer.

Song Writing 401 -

     Working through Writer's Block

We've all been there.  You pick up the guitar and nothing comes mind.  It all sounds the same.  Or the music is there, but there just aren't words.  This course will give you practical steps you can take to free yourself from writers block--guaranteed!




"Professional and Accomodating"

He was asked to play only 2 weeks before the event.  He not only chose music, he wrote a beautiful song that themed our service and was able to learn the finger-picking for another woman's song so she could sing.


Susan Mayerle | President | Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS) MN Chapter

“His lyrics and musical insight... literally brought tears to my love’s eyes."

If you need to express yourself in song or need to put a few thoughts into words, give those thoughts and words to Ry and watch them unfold into a perfect musical expression of your own journey.

Michael Wilde  |  Man in Love

“...his generous spirit is evident in relationships with fellow musicians."

 His two decades of song-writing shine through in his able craftsmanship and performance and his generous spirit is evident in relationships with fellow musicians.

Dr. Nathan Kalmoe  |  Singer Songwriter (and professor of Political Science)

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