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Beyond creating and promoting his own music, Ry Edwards loves creating opportunities to engage with other creatives in the Twin Cities Music Scene.  

Check back for new events!

Find Your Stage - September 17th-18th


A must-attend event for any singer songwriters looking to expand their presence in the Twin Cities Music Scene!


A LIVE event at the one of the most Avant Garde venues in the Twin Cities, gathering local musicians, record producers, and media contacts together to help you figure out what stage you are at in your music career and how to launch you to the next bigger stage. 

What you'll learn:

  • Make your music irresistible to Radio Stations and listeners worldwide!

  • Engage and grow your fanbase without relying on time-consuming social media posts!

  • Create a comprehensive media coverage strategy to keep fans talking about your album years beyond your initial release!

  • 5 rock solid ways to make money with your music even when people are listening for free! 

  • Increase your network with professionals who can take you to the next level!

Find Your Stage

@ The Varsity Theater

1308 SE 4th St, Minneapolis, MN 55414

September 17th-18th

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