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Find Your Stage provides a 5-Stage Business Model for singer songwriters to build sustainable careers. By learning the framework musicians advance stage-by-stage at their own pace into the lifestyle they choose based on their personal and professional goals. 


“Find Your Stage” Conference Invites Singer Songwriters to Connect with Twin Cities Music Industry Leaders



A new Singer Songwriter Conference is happening at the Varsity Theater September 17-18th. The event called “Find Your Stage" gives attendees a chance to interact with local musicians, record producers, and media contacts who will teach them, not only the tricks of the trade, but solid business strategies for creating and sustaining income, impact, and influence in the Twin Cities Music Scene.


The conference centers around the idea that singer songwriters go through 5 stages of their careers and each phase requires different focus, energy, and collaboration. Find Your Stage is specifically designed to not only show them how, but also connect them with the people and resources to help them succeed, including:


  • Record Producers who have worked on records for Prince, Jay-Z, Taylor Swift, Cory Wong, Dessa, Reina Del Cid, Jeremy Messersmith, and many others.

  • Radio DJs, Podcasters, and music publicists who will share exactly how to grab a host’s attention so their music gets played and they can even get interviewed.

  • Professional musicians who will share their strategies and tools for how they turn publicity into loyal fans and sustainable income.


The 2-day event ticket provides access to over 15 music industry professionals and yet is priced lower than a 1-hour consultation with one. The same ticket also includes 3 meals which all feature live music, and even an additional ticket to a Saturday Night Showcase featuring the Pop, Rock, and Neo Soul Band, “NUNNABOVE;” the Americana Folk Trio “Turn, Turn, Turn;” and Acoustic Alt Rock Band “Samantha Grimes & The 53s.”


To see the conference schedule along with the growing list of speakers and performers, see

Ry Edwards

Program Director

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