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Writing a Song with the Man in the Moon

I love writing music! When I sit back an think about all of the music I love, it spans from Johnny Cash and Roger Miller (Old Country) to the Temptations and the Jackson 5 (Motown) to James Taylor and the Seekers (Folk guitar), to the Beach Boys, the Beatles, the Grass Roots, and the Turtles (60s Rock) to Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, and Boston (70s Rock), to Stevie Wonder and James Brown (Soul), to Madonna (Something to Remember), Ace of Base, and Sting (80s pop), to Shania Twain and Martina McBride (90s Country), to Smashing Pumpkins and Metallica (80s and 90s Rock) to amazing singer songwriters like Ben Harper, Dave Matthews, John Mayer, and Fiona Apple.

That's a random sampling. But all of them are favorites!

I have a belief that every person on the planet has at least one really good song inside of them. There is some feeling inside of you that could be expressed beautifully through music. It could be about your job (whether you love it or hate--or there's a particular quirk about it). It may be about your love for a person, a pet, a food, activity, or even a beverage. The song I have below is a song about the feeling of Writing a Song. Writing a song is an incredible process and in the song below I describe it as: A thought that throws a spark

Soon it burns inside your heart

starts to glow, begins to grow

into a song so beautiful.

Please enjoy! Ry E)

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