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Analysis of a Songwriter: Eric Distad - Part II

Hm, I wonder what else is interesting about Eric Distad? Let's find out in the second half of his interview!!!

Eric Distad - Part 2.

6. A song that changed someone's life (that they told you about)

It Is What It Is - it's a song about accepting things you can't change and recognizing the good and the beauty it what is there, rather than pining for something that isn't. It was inspired by almost missing a plane. After I got through playing it live the first time, I had a couple people who told me that it had made a huge impact on them.

7. Favorite other music Projects/Collaborations/Collaborators you've worked with

My other project, which is currently somewhat more active, is The Faithful Sidekicks - It is a comedy geek rock band that I have with my wife. We play at sci-fi cons and the like, doing funny songs about Star Trek and Star Wars. Its quite fun.

There is always FAWM - February Album Writing Month (which I recommend to every musician I meet). It challenges a songwriter to write 14 songs in 28 days... to practice the craft of songwriting. I could go on and on about FAWM, so I'll just leave it by saying - check it out. :)

Through FAWM, I've collaborated with a lot of great musicians. I've written several with local songwriters and songwriters in distant places. One of my favorite local collaborators is Scott Martin of Autoclamp. A fantastic songwriter in his own right, but our collaborations fly to places we never would reach alone.

8. Most rewarding thing about being a singer/songwriter The most rewarding thing is creating that one song, where everything works and then have someone "get it" . There is a deep satisfaction in making a great song, but it goes far deeper when someone latches on to it and really understands and appreciates it. There's nothing like that connection.

9. Other hobbies I'm an avid board game player, computer junkie, and I have recently gotten into baking, particularly bread.

10. Jobs you've held while being a musician I've been a landscaper,


computer salesman,

printer repair tech,

lots of computer support jobs.

My day job is currently Network Admin.

(I'm sure there are some I'm forgetting, but those are the big ones.)

Thanks for including me in this!

Eric D.


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