"Finding Grace" Album Synopsis Interview

Writing down the questions

You've got a new album coming out in June of 2020 called, "Finding Grace." Is this a collection of the newest songs you've written?

No. This is a concept album. They are all personal songs about personal experiences, but I put them on the album to take the listener on a journey.

What kind of journey? Imagine you wake up on a good day. Soon, you're going along on not just a good day, but feeling on top of the world. You caught the sunrise and everything is beautiful! You start praying and praising God for how great the day feels and how good God is. Then, suddenly, the bottom drops out. You get that call with news that turns your world up-side-down and you're falling. The sunshine melts away and you feel like your heart has been shrouded in darkness. A darkness so deep that it's going to take the strength of God Himself to pull you out of it. But then there's "Grace," right? Is that the idea, you "find" Grace and you can just forget that bad news? Ha. If only it were that simple. No, when you receive that diagnosis or the date for the funeral or you get passed up for dream job by the person you trained in, you have to grieve. That's just human. And Grief is not like a headache that you can treat with a glass of water and it goes away--or Tylenol for those really bad ones. Grief is a journey. And you feel that through the songs in the way we laid them out on the album. So, how many songs on the album?