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Bring Value, Get Value

Like you, I have many interests.  You can view my dreams, goals, and aspiriations on my profile, but the thing I love to do more than anything is write great songs that move people.


I love to sing!  I've been in choirs since I was 6th grade including high school, college, and even when I worked for Target Corporation (I was even president of the group--we were called "The Spots!")


I began writing poetry in 9th grade and when I was gifted a guitar on my Confirmation day, I began to add music to my poems.  I took inspiration from my favorite artists like Dave Matthews, Billy Corgan (of the band Smashing Pumpkins), John Mayer, The Beatles, Ben Harper, James Taylor (Fire and Rain), and Don Mclean (American Pie), John Sebastian (of the band The Lovin' Spoonful).  Through practice and performance I honed my craft by gathering feedback from audiences, friends, and other songwriters.  Taking creative writing classes in college revealed some great secrets that helped me understand the differences between Poetry and Song.


Now, I write songs for people and events.  I enjoy so many styles of music, that I've written everything from a theme song called "Bird of Prey" for the amatuer professional-style wrestler, CJ Talon, to the song "Put a Blue Light in your Window" for the Minnesota chapter of Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS).


Whenever I take on the process of preparing for an event or writing a song, I pray.  I ask God's holy spirit to guide me.  I see my talent as simply a gift from God.  God has given me the passion for musical composition and expression. This is a gift that I love to use!  Not only is it fun to create, it's always an awesome experience to get to know new people and be able to bless them personally through music.  While I've practiced my craft for many years and learned through experience, I cannot negate or belittle how God works through me.

 He blessed our Memorial Service 

Want to give Ry Edwards and HUGE Thank You for performing at our MN Concerns of Police Survivors Blue Light Service Oct 2015.  Ry is so professional and accommodating.  He was asked to play only 2 weeks before the event.  He not only chose music, he wrote a beautiful song that themed our service and was able to learn the finger-picking for another woman's song so she could sing.  Ryan is truly a gift and I would highly recommend him for any event.


Thank you again Ry!   Your song was beautiful and would love to use it again.


Susan Mayerle

MN COPS President


I am very much in love; it is also of note that I have very limited musical talent. These two observations are important because sometimes when a person is in love, their heart wants to sing!


Not long ago my heart indeed was full of love, emotion and I had a song to sing – I scribbled down a poem and some words that began to express how I felt. Unfortunately, I couldn’t syncopate the words to match my heart, or the song to express my joy. I needed a way to encapsulate my feelings and share it with my love in a special way.


Ry Edwards was the musician to whom I turned to tie it all together. His great musical talent, gift for expression, and ever-present sincere emotion (and often fun) in his music assured me he would have the right touch to help me.


Armed with a description of my love journey, a few thoughts and scribbled words, Ry took on the task. His lyrics and musical insight strung together a draft of lyrics and a demo recording of the song that turned out to be the song that literally brought tears to my love’s eyes.


Perhaps because we had been friends for years and Ry was aware of my journey, perhaps because of his genius and stroke of inspiration, or perhaps because he was simply determined to take on the task of writing a song, in less than 24 hours this simple, yet sweet and perfect number was completed. Every word in the final draft of the song expresses my emotions of love, humility and joy just as I wanted to share.


I am forever grateful to Ry for his gift, and I know he will work outstandingly well for others.


Truly grateful,

Michael Wilde


If you need to express yourself in song or need to put a few thoughts into words, give those thoughts and words to Ry and watch them unfold into a perfect musical expression of your own journey.

Ry wraps up words and emotions like a professional gift wrapper coordinates presents into neat little packages and tops them off the perfect bow. Just how you imagined; impossible for you to do on your own.


He turned my poem into a Love Song!

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