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“Courageous and comforting"

- Tim Thompson

"Your message

and vulnerability were ASTOUNDING!"

- Carol Coomer

"That was the best thing

I've ever seen. Period."

- Micah Moore

The Show

Through original folk rock music and beautiful visual story-telling, come hear the epic tale of a boy who asked God for Wisdom, and found something much more precious.

The Music

The Finding Grace concert features 15 original songs and 1 cover of Beautiful Savior.

Below is a sample of some of the music you'll hear in the concert.

The Fundraiser

Story matters. People of the faith come together to hear the story of God's people.  We come together to be strengthened in our faith, to pray, learn, and to worship.

Use this concert to bring your church together--whether you have a building or not! 

Share in the story. Find Encouragement. Enjoy the Beauty. Be inspired.

Plus, if you can sell 30 tickets, then this enrichment can also bring you money!

Discuss Pricing and Fundraising Options

Thanks for contacting us!

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