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Find Your Stage

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

A LIVE event at the one of the most Avant Garde venues in the Twin Cities.

We are gathering local musicians, record producers, and media contacts together to help get the vision for what stage you are at in your music career and how to launch you to the next bigger stage.

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Our Story is Your Story

Every musician has a story of what attracted them to their instrument and where that attraction has taken them to explore and perform.  Just think of your favorite artists and bands.  Do you know their stories?  Where they've from?  Where they've played?

As fans, we explore our favorite artists stories to see where we connect.

The more connections we find, the deeper we are connected.

If you are looking to expand your audience, then your next step is finding connections. 

Find Your Stage is designed to help you find those connections with

  • Like-Minded Musicians to collaborate with for filling the playbill and share audiences

  • Talented Record Producers who can help transform your demo into a masterpiece

  • Local media contacts who are looking to share your story with their audiences

Meet the Team

Our Clients

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