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A community builder who spent a decade turning a forbidden

neighborhood into a vibrant community.

A life coach who lives to help others reignite passion for living after devastating set-backs. 

A survivor of 15 soul-grinding years as a Corporate Business Analyst, which inspired songs ranging from growth and friendship to Imposter Syndrome and Depression.

An avid reader of fantastic pasts and dystopian futures.

A hopeless romantic who wrote love songs for 7 years

to woo the woman of his dreams.

Through it all, he etched every victory, defeat, battle, longing, and dream 

into poetry and set it to music to help you while you adventure toward your own destiny.

The Minneapolis-based guitar-blazing, soul-singing songwriter, Ry Edwards, sings about work, daydreaming, love, parenting, depression, and hope over rock chords that move like jazz. His songs tell stories through emotive riffs and descriptions so vivid you might even believe they're about you.

Raised on the heavily nuanced music of 60s pop, Ry's music steals from the rhythms of Motown, the 7th chords of the Beatles and the Beach Boys, and the tenderness of the gentle and catchy ballads of the Everly Brothers and James Taylor.

Yet the strongest influence comes from Ry's musical awakening when he encountered the emotional explosions of 90s Grunge Rock bands: The Smashing Pumpkins, Soul Asylum, Collective Soul, Stone Temple Pilots, Green Day, Soundgarden, The Offspring, and early Radiohead.


The passion portrayed in songs like "Tonight, Tonight", "Self-Esteem", and "Fake Plastic Trees" comes through in Edwards' songs like "Ready to Wash", "Dominoes", and "Sparrow" off of his forthcoming "Sojourn Through the Night" album due out in Summer of 2022.

Listen to older tracks on the Music Page or experience the new music in the videos below!

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